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Impeesa Scouting Family Camp 2021

July 2nd-August 29th


Greetings Camping Scouting Families! We are excited to welcome active Scouts Canada members, active Scouts Canada volunteers, Scouts Canada staff, and their families to Camp Impeesa this summer for some relaxing summer family time fun.  

Before you book we'd like to go over some of your options, what to expect, and how to proceed. 

When booking an overnight stay, this is for one of our four sites we have available for families to stay. You can view the Camp site map to choose from sites 1. Cattail, 2. Thistle, 6. Bell Flower or 7. Wild Lily.

1 – Cattail – approx. site size: 45’ x 45’


2 – Thistle – approx. site size: 25’ x 50’


6 – Bell Flower – approx. site size: 40’ x 35’


7 – Wild Lily – approx. site size: 35’ x 35’