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Camp Traill was established in 1960, by a donation of land from 2 local families. We are a wilderness camp, approximately 260+ acres, with a wedge of land for waterfront access to nearby Charleston Lake (by car or a 40 minute hike from camp), known as Onion Bay. It is a rocky shore line, suitable for swimming, fishing, canoeing. Camp Traill is the ideal location for mastering the nine outdoor adventure skills at most stages. We have established car camping sites as well as some hike-in camp sites. Each site has an established fire ring and picnic table. We have a Leave No Trace policy in effect, grey water waste pits are at most of the sites. We have 5 established hiking trails that are well marked for day or night hiking. Council Rock is a perfect night sky location for stargazing, no light pollution. Manhard Chapel, with bench seating for 40+, overlooks the Beaver Pond. The Cub Field is ideal for wide games. Native trees provide plentiful seed crops for a variety of wild birds and animals. In the spring and summer the wildflowers create a buffet for the pollinators of the area. The Beaver pond has docks for sheltered canoeing or kayaking, ideal for the younger sections to earn their OAS Paddling skills. Cummerford Hall provides an excellent winter camping location, heated by 2 woodstoves and 15 established Murphy Beds, and an attached indoor kitchen.


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