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Welcome to Everton Scout Camp!

Camp Everton is filled with breath-taking scenery, cedar and mixed bush, small limestone caves and majestic cliffs. There are large open fields, dense bush, and a swamp. The beautiful Eramosa River flows through the 185 acres comprising the Camp. The camp has two formal campfire circles and an open air chapel.

Local attractions include Halton County Radial Railway Museum, Long Lane Orchard and Trout Farm, White Rock Ostrich Farm, Country Heritage Park, Canadian Warplane Museum, Rockwood Conservation Area, Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, Kelso Conservation Area, Crawford Lake Conservation Area, Hilton Falls Conservation Area, Mountsberg Conservation Area, Elora Gorge Conservation Area, Guelph Lake Conservation Area, Rockwood Conservation Area.


FIREWOOD and CRESTS [available for purchase onsite]

The North Waterloo Camp Committee has a policy that firewood should not be brought to camp due to the possibility of transfer of local infections to the Everton Forest that might infect our Camp and the adjoining Conservation Authority woodlands and the County Agreement Forest. Firewood must not be brought to Camp Everton under any circumstances from the region of Greater Toronto or from Tri-Shores region. Firewood from those regions may be infested with Emerald Ash borers or Asian longhorn beetles.

Firewood is available for cash purchase onsite at Camp Everton for $30 per "Gator load".

A limited supply of Camp Everton Crests [similar to the one displayed below] can also be purchased onsite for $5.

To add firewood and/or crests to your order, please make the appropriate selection[s] on the Camp Crests and Firewood form once proceeding through the reservation process. No cost will be added to your cart for these items. 30 pieces for $30.00

"The North Waterloo Camp Committee has a policy that outside firewood or burnable material must not be brought to camp under any circumstances due to the possible transfer of disease or pests. This helps to keep our forests and our neighbours' forests healthy and prosperous."



The design on the crest changes regularly but the shape stays the same. If you collect 3 of this type of crest they can be sewn on a campfire blanket to form a circle.


Location: 7th Line of Eramosa Township - Emergency Locator Number 5286
Mailing Address: RR #4, Rockwood, Ontario, N0B 2K0
Camp Phone: (519) 856-0651
GPS Coordinates: 43°39'20.84" N by 80°08'56.49" W


To access the Camp Everton - Emergency Response Plan, please visit

Please note: If you are a like-minded, 3rd party organization and are interested in reserving Camp Everton, you will be required to provide a valid Certificate of Insurance from your provider once your booking has been submitted. Our team will also issue a rental contract which must be signed and returned to us 72 hours in advance of the reservation arrival date/time.

(Girl Guides of Canada groups are exempt from the above noted requirements)

***Girl Guides of Canada Groups: if you're using the credit card issued to your group by your Head Office, please be sure to use the Head Office address in the billing section or your payments may not be processed.

***We are not permitted to rent out our Camps for personal use of any kind. ie: weddings/receptions, anniversaries, reunions, baby/bridal showers, photo shoots etc...